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Upholding the Values of the Indian Constitution

Project Constitutionalism is a non-partisan organization founded in 2019 that works to increase constitutional awareness, protect constitutional rights and strengthen constitutional governance.

Through education, advocacy and litigation, we aim to safeguard the constitutional rights of all people in India.


Protect Constitutional Rights

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Increase Constitutional Awareness

Through high-quality research and advocacy, we work to promote constitutional governance and secure the strength of our constitutional institutions


Strengthen Constitutional Governance

What We Do

Project Constitutionalism aims to increase constitutional awareness, protect constitutional rights and strengthen constitutional governance

Indian Parliment

Constitutionalism – Our Only Path?

By Abishek Jebaraj As India celebrates the 70th anniversary of the adoption of our Constitution, we find ourselves torn between hope and despair. Hope, from steps taken towards making the Constitution a living reality.  Despair, when confronted by our stark failures...

Time’s Up for the Sedition Law

By Prasanna S.   Justice Deepak Gupta, a sitting judge of the highest constitutional court of the land, recently gave a lecture titled ‘The Law of Sedition in India and Freedom of Expression.’ He noted that the provision in the Indian Penal Code providing...

Should an Indian Prime Minister Have Term Limits?

By Priya Pookkulam   With the rise of autocratically inclined executives in democracies around the world, the time has come to re-examine the limits that India places on its own chief executive. Neither the Constitution nor electoral laws (such as the...

On Citizenship and Statelessness: Carrying a Heavy Burden (Of Proof)

By Tvisha Shroff   At the heart of India’s constitutional order lies a notion of who may benefit from that order – a notion of who is an Indian citizen. The laws and regulations around citizenship are no small matter; they define how the nation conceives of itself and...

Governor Bound by Gehlot’s Advice

Governor of the State of Rajasthan, Kalraj Mishra has not convened the Rajasthan state assembly despite the advice of Gehlot’s government to summon the house  - ostensibly, to conduct a floor test.  Some have suggested that the question of whether it is open for...

Secularism: A Beleaguered but Enduring Constitutional Value

Srishti Agnihotri[1] To describe these times as ‘the worst of times’ would not be a very cruel reproach. The world is reeling under a pandemic. India is in its 2nd week of a lockdown that has caused an unprecedented movement of migrant workers and thrown the Indian...

Farm Laws and Constitutional Morality

Abishek Jebaraj The latter half of 2018 saw a flurry of Constitutional bench judgements from the Supreme Court on issues from the opening of Sabarimala for women to the decriminalization of homosexuality. The passage of these judgements was accompanied by a sudden...

The Supreme Court and Pandemic Times

Abishek Jebaraj and Srishti Agnihotri Andy Mukherjee, a columnist, recently tweeted “Tomato will go to Supreme Court”. His tweet offered no explanation beyond referencing a news report about a Delhi market mandating fixed hours for the sale of vegetables and fruits as...

About Us

Project Constitutionalism aims to further Indian Constitutionalism by increasing constitutional awareness, protecting constitutional rights and strengthening constitutional governance. 

About Us

Our Mission

We seek to increase constitutional engagement at all levels, from the individual citizen to the highest office of government.

We believe that everyone should be made aware of the fundamental rights granted to them by the Constitution and civil rights laws. View our Know Your Rights handouts to learn what your rights are, how to access them and what to do when they are violated.

Ever wonder what Due Process actually means? Or why judicial delay remains such a pressing issue? Join us as we discuss these questions and more in “The Assembly”, a podcast that explores a wide range of constitutional issues and their impacts on daily life.

Looking to understand how the Constitution of India shapes the Indian government? Our Constitution 101 page will teach you everything you need to know!

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