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Project Constitutionalism aims to increase constitutional awareness, protect constitutional rights and strengthen constitutional governance

Protect Constitutional Rights

Every person in India should be made aware of the rights that the Constitution affords them. Our mission extends to  ensuring that these constitutional rights are known and defended. Through education, advocacy and litigation, we aim to safeguard the constitutional rights of all people in India. 

Increase Constitutional Awareness

Through engagement, we seek to make all Indian citizens aware of the powers and protections of the Constitution and its role in society and politics. We aim to do so by publishing articles that debate the constitution, videos that explain constitutional basics, handouts that explain the constitution, and podcasts that offer an informal discussion of constitutional issues.

Strengthen Constitutional Governance

Through high-quality research and advocacy, we work to

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Letter From the Board of Trustees

Welcome to Project Constitutionalism!

That a democracy like India was born out of an exceptionally diverse and multilingual society was nothing short of a miracle. This miracle, created by the Indian Constitution, has been sustained because the Constitution was envisioned as a living document that rested the nation’s sovereignty with its people. 

Nevertheless, there remain concerns over how deeply constitutionalism has permeated Indian democracy. There also remains an urgency to strengthen constitutional norms and governance across the political spectrum. At Project Constitutionalism, we believe that the Constitution is a powerful tool for social and political reform and that its powers are best wielded by an alert citizenry 

Project Constitutionalism is a non-partisan people’s movement dedicated to increasing constitutional awareness, protecting constitutional rights and strengthening constitutional governance. Here, you will find opinion and informative pieces by individuals, scholars, and practitioners in allied fields who engage with the Constitution. You will also find various resources and media that will help to grow our appreciation for the Constitution.

We warmly invite you, dear reader, to join our movement. We hope this movement will bring to life these words of Justice Nariman:

“in India’s tryst with destiny, we have chosen to be wedded to the rule of law as laid down by the Constitution of India. Let every person remember that the “holy book” is the Constitution of India, and it is with this book in hand that the citizens of India march together as a nation, so that they may move forward in all spheres of human endeavour to achieve the great goals set out by this “Magna Carta” or “Great Charter of India.”

The Board of Trustees

Our Story

India was envisioned as a country in which an exceptionally diverse citizenry would share a common way of life founded on the values of justice, equality, liberty and fraternity. This shared project came to be embodied in a living document called the Constitution of India. The Constitution created a government in which power was separated between three branches, defined what it meant to be a citizen of India and secured our fundamental rights. 

Project Constitutionalism was founded in 2019 to further the realization of the Indian Constitution, contribute to its growth and defend its supremacy. We believe in equality, the rule of law, non-violence and the separation of religion and state. We are non-partisan and we believe that governmental means and ends must be constitutional. 

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