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Research, analysis and opinions from a collection of lawyers, academics, journalists and politicians. 

Advisory Board

Mr. Abishek Jebaraj

Mr. Avik Saha

Abishek Jebaraj is an Indian advocate and is presently a Partner at Isaac & Jacob, an Indian Law Firm.  An alumnus of the Indian Law Society Law College and Georgetown University, his practice is interspersed across Commercial and Constitutional Law. He considers himself a missionary of constitutionalism and believes that the pursuit of truth is far more important than blindly pursuing an ideology.

Ms. Srishti Agnihotri

Srishti Agnihotri is an Indian Lawyer whose areas of practice include environmental law, constitutional law, and human rights law. She is an Advocate-on-Record in the Supreme Court of India. She received her Masters in International Human Rights Law from the University of Notre Dame (summa cum laude) and is an alumnus of ILS Law College Pune.

Prasanna S. is a Delhi-based independent law practitioner. He has a computer science background and wrote and managed enterprise software for over eight years before he switched to law in 2010. His areas of interest include technology law, constitutional law, and privacy law. He was involved in assisting the Petitioners’ side in the litigation challenging the Constitutional vires of the Aadhaar project. A unanimous nine-judge bench of the Hon’ble Supreme Court made the landmark decision that the Right to Privacy was indeed a fundamental right of Indian citizens. He was also involved in the Saveourprivacy campaign, which, among other things, presented a draft for privacy legislation, hoping that it will serve as the benchmark to evaluate and critique privacy legislation produced by the government. He also assists the Petitioners’ side in the Article 370 abrogation cases before the Supreme Court. He tweets at @prasanna_s and some of his writings can be found here, here, here and here

Mr. Prasanna S.

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